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Monday, 05 December 2011 11:23

NTEP instructor making contributions to Nunavut Impact Review Board

Written by  Brian Manning, Nunavut Teacher Education Program
Kaviq has been with the Nunavut Impact Review Board since February 2011. Kaviq has been with the Nunavut Impact Review Board since February 2011. Brian Manning, NTEP

The Nunavut Teacher Education Program regularly “promotes the positives” as it pertains to our Faculty and Nunavut Arctic College. Today, I would like to recognize the involvement of Kaviq Kaluraq, Science/Mathematics: NTEP, as a member of the Nunavut Impact Review Board.

The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) is an Institution of Public Government. The Board is made up of up to nine members including the Chairperson, and includes representation from the Government of Nunavut, the Government of Canada and the Designated Inuit Organization. It was established through the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement to enable Inuit to participate in decision making concerning the use, management and conservation of land, water and resources by involving all parties in a sound, open, and objective process environmental impact assessment. The Board specifically deals with proposed projects in the Nunavut Settlement Area that might affect the land, water or marine areas.

Kaviq Kaluraq, as a Board Member, is involved in decision making and providing support to the Board and staff at various levels. She reviews and approves policies and procedures, budgets, finance reports, staff organizational structure, annual reports to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, and work with other Board members to ensure the integrity of the organization is maintained. She participates in decision making for major and minor development and research projects in the Nunavut Settlement Area.

She, as a Board member, advises and supports staff at various levels of the environmental impact assessment process and is responsible for all decisions and recommendations that are brought forward to government by the NIRB. They maintain confidentiality, and are open about any potential conflicts of interest to maintain integrity of the review process. They promote participation of both the public and stakeholders in the assessment of all proposals.

Additionally, they endorse the process of sound and objective decision making for any proposed projects that involve the people, environment, and stakeholders. They have scheduled quarterly meetings and also meet and review the process timelines for various projects; they listen to the interests and concerns of people and stakeholders, and meet with people and stakeholders to maintain a professional relationship with all parties involved.

Kaviq has been with the Nunavut Impact Review Board since February 2011. She received her appointment from the Honourable Daniel Shewchuk, who was then Minister Responsible for Nunavut Arctic College and the Department of Environment. She has a three year term with the board as the Government of Nunavut representative. Her background in

Environmental and Resource Science gives her a base for scientific knowledge about research and development.

In the past, she has been involved with various research projects and has seen the benefits of the board as a representative of the environment and people. She respects the importance of involving all parties and considering different perspectives when it comes to decision making for development. The relationship between people and the land in Nunavut is very visible to her and Traditional Knowledge and values are important to the Board’s understanding of the environment and people in Nunavut. Understanding the intentions of stakeholders and the logistics of projects is also important for decision making about research and development, while having respect for all parties and promoting effective communication and transparent decision making is important to me and my role with the NIRB.

We are proud to have Kaviq Kaluraq as a Faculty member with the Nunavut Teacher Education Program and Nunavut Arctic College.

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